Remember Who You Are

In January at Wellspring, we will begin a new sermon series known as Remember Who You Are.  This six-week series is about our DNA as children of God.  It is about our primal identity as creatures of the God of the universe.  It is about you!

When we look in the mirror and ask ourselves, “Who am I?” the Bible has an answer for that.  You are a beloved child of God … you are a brother or sister of the Risen Lord.  You are blessed to be a blessing!  You are given a unique set of gifts and strengths that together are like your fingerprint and make you the one-of-a-kind person God created you to be.  How is God glorified by the person that is uniquely you?  What do you do with those gifts that fulfill not only who you are but builds up the world around you and reclaims it for Christ?

Join us as we explore our own uniqueness and the unique gift that is our savior, Jesus Christ!

Remember Who You Are!

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