Hope in the Age of Darkness: Gifts of the Incarnation

Advent in the Season of Darkness

When this pandemic first began, we had just begun working our way through the season of Lent, and as Advent comes upon us, we are still seeing the effects of the novel coronavirus that has led to deaths numbering in the hundreds of thousands, economic downturns, political and civil discord, and darkness. Further, it is all stoked by fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of government. Fear of acts of hatred. Fear of death.

Yet it is into this darkness that Christ is born. He was born in a land that had been subjected to Roman rule into a people who had no standing with Roman government. He was born into a land where people were treated as objects and executed at the whim of a local governor. He was born into a world of fear and darkness.

What I have discovered is that it is these worlds that tend to be the place where God is most profoundly experienced. This is the hope that is Emmanuel … God With Us … most especially in our darkness.

It is my joy to share this season with you! As we await through this season of Advent, may it be a time of hope as Christ is made known, not only in Jesus of Nazareth, but in those of us who live as the Body of Christ in this world!

I invite you to join me on the journey through this season with daily advent devotionals shared here in this blog.

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