Gifts of Courage and Solidarity: A Lenten Journey

I find it interesting that Transfiguration Sunday is the Sunday just prior to Lent. It is the day we celebrate the story of Jesus as he takes Peter, James, and John up to a high mountain where Jesus begins to shine radiantly. Then suddenly, Elijah and Moses are standing and talking with him. We will hear more about this story at Wellspring on Sunday, but there is this lingering question of why this Sunday precedes Lent.

Historically, it stands where it does because we see Christ who embodies the lawgiver and the deliverer (Moses) and the prophet who beckons nations to God and who has an extraordinary exit from human life (Elijah). This is the Christ who will make a journey that proves be filled with both darkness and light.

I also experience it as a journey of courage and solidarity as Jesus demonstrates the power of the heart to hold in tension the darkness of human violence and suffering and the hope of light that is greater than darkness … life that is greater than death. It is Christ who stands in solidarity with those who endure systemic suffering and violence, and it is Christ who stands with us in our own darkness, suffering, and grief.

As we planned this year’s Lenten Devotional, I made the decision that I would write the devotional for Wellspring this season. In the past, we have chosen published works (in the form of books or devotional guides) and we have had individuals from Wellspring write reflections, as we did in Advent 2018. The devotional is printed in booklet form for people to pick up, but I have made the decision to share it in my blog, as well.

Each devotional will be scheduled to go out in the early morning hours of each day in Lent. Those who subscribe to my blog will be notified by email, but we also will make an effort to include the link on the church’s Facebook page, as well.

Thanks to the many people who have challenged and supported me in producing this devotional. My prayer is that, as the Spirit spoke to me, the Spirit will speak to you by adding your own narrative and experience of Lent as we celebrate the Gifts of Courage and Solidarity: A Lenten Journey

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