It has become clear to me over the years that perhaps there is nothing as important as relationships. In our worship at Wellspring, we concluded the theme of building on trust and looking at the life of Moses up through the giving of the law. It occurred to me this week that everything about the law is about relationships … whether it is our relationship with God or with one another.

Humans simply don’t exist without relationship. I suppose some people try to journey through life alone, but I would suggest that their lives aren’t as rich and fulfilling as those who live fully in relationship with others. Perhaps it would be better said that we don’t exist well without relationship. Relationships are what have molded me and shaped me over the years.  In the grand scheme of ideas that enter my brain (including this one), it occurs to me that none of my ideas are entirely my own. They have been crafted out of much dialogue and interaction with people who have both agreed and disagreed with what I think.

Life itself is dependent upon relationship. Even animal species that tend toward isolation from one another must be in relationship for their species to survive. Many animals live in herds for protection and propagation. In our world, we call that “living in community.” Community is the essence of human life, and life outside community is sterile and meaningless.

So as difficult as relationships can sometimes be, relationships are still the essence of our being. My challenge for you is to find ways to strengthen your relationships. My challenge is to start with our relationship with God. What can we do to strengthen that relationship and then work from there to relationships within our family … our community … our world?

For the life of me, I just can’t think of anything more important than relationships!

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