Fifth Update on General Conference – Courage

The divide is deepening within our beloved United Methodist Church. Not only have we been unable to find a middle ground; we are now feeling the pull far to the side of a more rigid orthodoxy. I write this midday to encourage my Wellspringers and others amidst the uncertainties that are now unfolding within our denomination.

To answer a couple of the questions I have received via email and text:

  1. No, I do not immediately know the impact of this General Conference. The divide I am feeling suggests that a greater breaking may come in the future, but there is no crystal ball to see the full implications for our future.
  2. Yes, Wellspring will still be a Reconciling Congregation. Our association with Reconciling Ministries Network is no different from our brothers and sisters who associate with the Wesleyan Covenant Association (both are parachurch organizations).

I will have another update this evening, but I write just now to encourage us!

This is what faith is about … the courage to let God still guide us even when we walk through dark valleys.

Courage, friends! Take courage!

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