March 21

Saturday, March 21, 2020

 John 9:8-17

Perhaps the most interesting part of the story of this man born blind is that, as soon as he begins to see, everyone around him (up to and including the religious leaders) are blinded. People who had seen him before as a beggar questioned each other. “Is it him?” “No, surely this is just someone who kind of looks like him.” It is a stark reminder to us. When the people who are invisible to those of us who have greater privilege, we will in no way recognize them when they rise up in front of us.

The religious leaders had to weigh in, as well. They were already unhappy with Jesus because of his very different way of teaching about God to the poor, but they had their answer. “This man is obviously not of God because he healed on the sabbath. So how is it that a sinner like Jesus can perform such miracles?” When they asked the formerly blind man what he thought about that, the man responded: “He is a prophet.”

The story of blindness is not about the man born blind. It is about the blindness of others around him … our blindness, as well. This is about our inability to see the invisible people in our world … the poor, the homeless, those who can’t afford both the cab fare and the groceries, the one who can’t get out of her home, the one who can’t overcome his depression and anxiety. It is about our inability to experience Christ bringing healing and hope to the world simply because Christ comes most fully to the invisible people. Those who participate in our caring and mission ministries certainly can understand this better, but for those of us who come to worship without ever connecting our faith to the least of these will miss the healing. We might just find it easier to look up the code or law the healer violated.

Look around you. When you see the invisible people, you will have seen Christ!

O Christ, we want to see you, and we desire your healing. Open our eyes to the power of your presence as we begin to see the invisible ones. Amen.

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