Christmas Day

Hope in the Age of Darkness: Gifts of the Incarnation

John 1:1-5

Merry Christmas!

Today is a day of hope and light! It is the day we celebrate the birth of Christ … the light of hope in a year marked by pandemic, racism, divisive rhetoric, hatred, and darkness. Our proclamation, in the face of all these things, is that today Christ is born. God’s presence has been made known to us in the life of this child born of poverty, sleeping in a trough meant for animals … yet embodying God who has chosen live among us.

We celebrate Jesus as the Word made flesh.

This year has taught us about waiting and longing. We are awaiting a day when it feels safer to engage with our friends and larger family. We are longing to be able to shake hands and hug one another. Sometimes it is a very lonely feeling.

But today! Today we recall that, no matter how alone we might feel … no matter what darkness we might be facing … Jesus Christ is born.

This is none other than Emmanuel … God. Who. Is. With. Us!

Lord God who is incarnate in Jesus and who abides in us: We celebrate your birth and the indescribable gift of your abiding presence. Amen.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Day

  1. I’ve been enjoying your messages. Thank you so much. The Christmas Day message is particularly meaningful to me. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I’m hopeful for a Joyous New Year in 2021 for everyone.

  2. Your words have been a bright spot in the season. Thank you for all that you and the church have done during this blessed, different Christmas season.

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