Journey Through Brokenness – March 26

Speaking by Doing

Jesus spoke about oppression. He talked about the poor … the meek … those who were suffering and grieving and lost in a sea of despair. But more than that, Jesus acted.

That is ultimately what the journey to Jerusalem is all about. It is a journey through brokenness. Jesus doesn’t fly to Jerusalem above the people who are in need of healing. Jesus doesn’t take an interstate behind rolled-up windows that would insulate him from the sounds of suffering. He isn’t glaring at a screen, talking or texting while never looking up to the people who need to hear a word of grace and hope.

Lest you think I am pointing at you, this is an indictment of me. Though it might be an indictment of us.

As Jesus prepares to enter Jerusalem, he comes as a living witness. He is teaching, but he is not pontificating. He is healing, but he is not asking for money in return. He is preparing to non-violently speak truth to power while preparing himself to offer only love in return for hatred.

So where is it that we are called to be speaking by doing. As I see Jesus approaching the city, I just might be given a chance to walk with him. As I walk his footsteps, I might just find my own steps … my own witness … my own way of learning to speak truth, healing, hope, and love by DOING truth, healing, hope, and love.

Lord, as you act out life and love among us, may we respond with reverberations of that life and love in order that the world might be transformed. Amen.

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